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Project MOVE – Dental

strong>Project MOVE History

Communities In Schools of Houston established Project MOVE in 1997 to help improve the health and well-being of at-risk children and youth, their families, and their communities through education and direct services.  Since its inception, Project MOVE’s mission has been to reach those who may not have access to or understanding of health and dental care.

Through its health wellness components, Project MOVE’s participants have access to free preventative and restorative care, health and wellness education, and referrals to health care and social services providers.
Dental Services

Project MOVE provides free dental services to public school children. Project MOVE’s dental servicescomponent also includes referrals to area dentists for major restorative work, as well as coordination of educational activities to increase dental hygiene maintenance through regular brushing, flossing, and visits to the dentist.  Services are provided in collaboration with the University of Texas Health Science Center – Dental Branch.

Dental services include:
  • oral exams
  • cleanings
  • sealants
  • fillings
  • restorations
  • X-rays
  • root canals
  • crowns
  • extractions

Students who have more extreme restorative needs like the puplpotmies, stainless steel crowns, and extractions are referred to the UT Dental Branch.  CIS continues its excellent service by coordinating services for these students with the support of parents.  The restorative services and parking is paid for through the generosity of special funding.   CIS Director of Dental Services in collaboration with campus project managers and school nurses implement the dental van program on each campus.

During the past 10 years of service, more than 12,000 elementary school aged youth have received a variety of services ranging from basic dental cleanings to root canals; contributing to more than $1 million dollars in charitable dental services to some of Houston’s neediest children.

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