CIS is thrilled that Touchdown Houston, a charitable giving program created by the Houston Super Bowl Host Committee in partnership with the NFL Foundation, announced last week it will award a grant to Communities In Schools of Houston (CIS).

A combined total of $4 million will go to nonprofit organizations across the Greater Houston area focused on education, health and community enhancement.

CIS surrounds students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in

school and achieve in life. CIS’ strategy for empowering students to stay in school is to place a full-time social service provider on the school campus to deliver direct services and referrals which are tailored to fit the students’ particular needs. CIS youth are the students at greatest risk of dropping out of school. Whether a student is depressed, hungry, without shelter, or their teeth hurt, any and all barriers affecting their lives outside the classroom will affect their ability to succeed academically. CIS was created to tackle many of these hard issues, and CIS Project Managers on the school campus do whatever it takes to help students thrive.

Our competency and years of experience have allowed us to address the barriers that affect a student’s ability to stay in school and achieve in life. CIS is currently serving over 100,000 students on 127 school campuses throughout the Houston area. Each school campus has access to CIS’ robust network of more than 400 community partners and hundreds of volunteers to support students at a moment’s notice.

We are grateful to Touchdown Houston for recognizing our efforts to ensure at-risk children in our community continue to have access to the tools necessary to stay in school, and graduate with a vision for their future.