lourdesjimenezCongratulations to Lourdes Jimenez, CIS Project Manager at Spring Forest Middle School (SFMS)! The SFMS PTA has selected Ms. Jimenez for the School Bell Award, which recognizes an outstanding individual who promotes the purposes of the PTA and is an advocate for all students.

Ms. Jimenez does whatever it takes to keep students in school and help them succeed – including facing tough issues such as poverty, domestic violence, sexual molestation, bullying, addiction, emotional distress, and helping newcomers who are attempting to assimilate into a new environment.

Ms. Jimenez’ powerful support has helped countless individuals and she has become a pillar of support for the school. She draws on her extensive CIS partnership resources to help a child in need, and “she moves mountains to find the information no matter what the issue is and never just sends a family off without following through to make sure they get the help they need, but instead, walks alongside them through the process,” according to Pamela Ferworn, SFMS PTA President.

Listening to some of the stories told by the families Ms. Jimenez has helped, compiled by Pamela Ferworn, one is made keenly aware of Ms. Jimenez’ compassion and commitment to SFMS students, families, and to the mission of CIS:

“One SFMS mother tearfully relays how she credits Ms. Jimenez for saving the life of her daughter who was depressed and cutting herself.”

“An overwhelmed single father remembers her sitting up all night in the hospital with his son when he was ill.”

“Another mother tearfully relays a story of coming home from her first chemo treatment and Ms. Jimenez arriving at her door with groceries.”

“She even provides that same love, compassion and support for the teachers in our school; innately knowing when they need a hug or a listening ear after a tragedy such as an illness or the loss of a loved one.”

“She, accompanied by our Principal Dr. Williams, has knocked on plenty of doors making home visits to try to find out how she could help a kid who wasn’t showing up to school or seemed to be having issues assimilating into the campus environment.”

“She even provides assistance to families in cases of domestic violence by finding places where they can safely go.  One teacher recently witnessed her gathering an air mattress and bedding for a family whose children she discovered didn’t have beds.  When asked about it, she said, “I don’t feel right going home to my own warm bed when these kids don’t have a place to sleep or a way to stay warm.”  Her heart is huge, knows no boundaries and her compassion is unending.”

Everywhere you look is a student who has been touched by Ms. Jimenez.

Ms. Jimenez will be honored along with the other School Bell recipients from SBISD Schools at the Founders Day Dinner, hosted by the SBISD Council of PTA’s, February 16, 2017.  Founders Day is held across the United States every year to recognize a February 1897 meeting in Washington, D.C., where the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) held its first national meeting.

Please join us in congratulating Ms. Jimenez, CIS is so proud of her and her work being recognized on the SFMS campus.