Communities In Schools of Houston (CIS) provides opportunities for Houston area students to gain real world experience with summer internships.  We have legal and nursing internships, but we also have a  few students at our central office this year from Bank of America’s  Summer Youth Internship Program.  We asked our @BankofAmerica interns how the internship was going and here is what they had to say:


  1. Describe Communities in Schools’ mission in your own words
  2. Why is this mission important to you personally?
  3. What are you most excited about learning at Communities in Schools?  What have you learned during your internship?
  4. How did you hear about Bank of America’s Summer Youth Employment Internship Program and why was this a program you wanted to participate in?
  5. At the end of the internship, what do you hope to walk away with?
  6. What is your dream job?

Karol Carballo

KarolQuestion 1: Communities In Schools of Houston (CIS) goes into schools and tries to lower dropout rates and help students succeed.

Question 2: Karol wants to teach and she is passionate about minority students pursuing a higher education.

Question 3: Karol is excited to learn how the departments within CIS and connect and become a part of students’ lives.

During her internship she has sharpened her communication skills and teamwork skills. She has learned on to face responsibilities head on.

Question 4: A high school counselor told her about the program.  She wanted to participate in order to gain valuable skills, and become more self-reliant while building a resume.

Question 5: Karol wants to walk away from this program being able to make the transition to adulthood. She wants her role to be that of an educator and an emotional pillar for all students she comes across.

Question 6: Karol aspires to become a kindergarten teacher because she realizes how pivotal the early stages of education are and wants to get those kids off to a good start.

Katya Cedillos

KatyaQuestion 1: Communities In Schools is an organization that has a strong support system that encourages students to stay in and finish school.

Question 2: This mission is important to her because a lot of minorities are limited due to financial restrictions and CIS assures that everyone can pursue a better life.

Question 3: Katya was excited to get out of her comfort zone and see what a working environment is like. She has learned to deal with different types of people and complete tasks despite differences.

Question 4: She discovered this program through a counselor sending an E-mail; through this experience she wants to be able to build up a resume and use the adaptation methods she’s learned here in the real world once she graduates.

Question 5: She wants to be able to walk away from this internship with the ability to complete complex tasks and produce exceptional results.

Question 6: Katya’s ultimate dream is to be a surgeon but there are various other professions in the medical and engineering field she wants to pursue.

Guadalupe Merino

GuadalupeQuestion 1: To prevent kids from dropping out to graduate and aspire to new heights.

Question 2: Guadalupe has always wanted to leave an impact on people’s lives for the better.

Question 3: Guadalupe was excited about the opportunity to leave an impact on people and help them continue to improve. She has learned how to deal with people calling all throughout the day and being able to assist them despite their attitude.

Question 4: A teacher told her about the program; she wanted to join the program in order to gain job experience and succeed.

Question 5: Guadalupe wants to able to walk away with the attitude that regardless of financial background it is still possible for students to get help and aspire to be anything they want.

Question 6: Guadalupe aspires to be a business consultant and have her own major consulting firm.