During Mental Health Month, read the inspiring words of CIS youth and young adults speaking out and supporting each other in the face of mental illness.


By Jonathan Mendoza, CIS student at Lee High School

When I looked in the mirror all I saw was a blurred figure

A sad excuse for what I am

But when I found a place where I belonged the image started to make sense

When it seemed that the rain always followed me, they gave me an umbrella

When it seemed that the light from my candle was going off they gave me a torch

When I didn’t eat they gave me food

When I couldn’t walk they gave me crutches

When I had no home to go to they gave me one

When I had no one to trust I knew I could trust them

When I didn’t believe in myself they believed in me

They chased away the monsters hiding in my bed

Now when I look in the mirror

I can see…..