As the Communities In Schools (CIS) Mental Health Specialist at Spring Oaks Middle School, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some incredible students.  Many have dealt with so much in their short lives, but I Iove being able to help them find their passion and foster their talents.

Jacklynn is one example I’d love to share. Jacklynn is an 8th grade student here at Spring Oaks. I’ve worked with her for the past 2 school years. She’s found that writing is her passion not just as a future career aspiration, but also as a way to cope and heal. “Writing is my way to get out what I’m feeling without the fear of being judged. Writing has given me a more positive outlook on life. My new year resolution is to write every day in 2016.”

So far, Jacklynn has upheld her resolution and shared that it has really made an impact. “I feel happier this year.” Jacklynn has also written 25 poems recently, and I enjoy when she shares them with me. It is definitely a talent of hers, and it gives me a better understanding of how she processes her thoughts, beliefs, and emotions.  Specifically for the January CIS blog, Jacklynn wrote the following poem:

-Lindsay O’Brien Head, M.Ed., LPC


Some think that dreams are what your parents want
Some think it’s what money can flaunt

With an opportunity for a new start
Your hopes should be large and come from the heart

Dreams don’t get weighed, they’re never too big or stupid
You want to change then get movin’

And if change isn’t what you’re looking for then live with  no sorrow
Live as if the sun will die tomorrow
Travel, go through trials, tribute

And have a Happy New Year

-Jacklynn M. jacklynn