As a CIS Project Manager for two years now, I am grateful for the awesome work schedule.  I am able to spend the holidays with my son, and my stress level has gone down.  It was a flashback the first day on my campus, from the smell of the school to the lunch in the cafeteria.  A good part of my childhood came alive.  Working for CIS helped me remember what is was like to be a student and put myself in their shoes.  I love to be that positive voice in their life that motivates them to never give up.

It’s wonderful to wake up in the morning knowing that I work for a great organization that takes care of their employees.  There’s an unspeakable joy within me driving to work everyday and seeing the students.  I finally have a job that my heart loves!

CIS has been a great blessing to me and my family!

-Diana Tovar, Project Manager, Treasure Forest Elementary School